Size Guide

These Charts will give you a guide on the tablecloths best suited to your table sizes.

These are guides only and assume a table height of approx 27/28″.

For a more accurate guide on the size of Table Cloths you will require , please let us have your table measurements in inches or Centimetres.

Please call us for further details or help.

Table Linen Size Chart – For Round Tables

(shown in Inches)

Cloth Size6ft Round5ft Round4ft Round3ft Round
120” Round Cloth24” Drop all round to the floorDrag on the floorNot SuitableNot Suitable
108” Round Cloth18” Drop all round24” Drop all round may touch the floorNot SuitableNot Suitable
88” Round ClothTop Cloth – 13” Drop all round14” drop all round20” Drop all roundNot Suitable
68” Round ClothNot SuitableTop cloth 7” Drop all round10” Drop all round16” Drop all round
90 x 90 ClothCover the top with uneven drop to points of 9"Cover top with uneven drop to points of 15”Uneven drop to points of 26” to floorNot Suitable
70 x 70 ClothSlip Cloth – will almost cover the table topSlip Cloth with 5” dropSlip Cloth with 11” DropCover table with 17” drop all round
54 x 54 ClothSlip Cloth – Base cloth still visibleSlip Cloth – Base Cloth still visibleSlip Cloth with 3” dropSlip Cloth with 9” Drop
45 x 45Small Square in middleNot Suitable
Slip Cloth – Base Cloth still visibleSlip Cloth with 4" Drop
Slip ClothSmall Square in middleNot SuitableNot SuitableSlip Cloth, Base cloth not visible on top

Table Linen Size Chart – For Square / Rectangle Tables

(shown in Inches)

Cloth Size6ft x 3ft6ft x 2ft4ft Square3ft Square3ft x 2ft
70 x 144Suitable with Linked tablesSuitable with Linked TablesSuitable with Linked TablesNot SuitableNot Suitable
70 x 108Cover Top and hang to Front 17” end dropCover Top and hang to Front 17” DropNot SuitableSuitable with Linked TablesSuitable with linked Tables
90 x 90Touch Floor front and Back -9” end dropNot Suitable21” drop all roundDrag on floor all roundNot Suitable
54 x 909” Drop Back and Front and ends9” Drop Front and Back. 15” drop endsNot SuitableNot SuitableTo floor at ends.. 15” Drop Front & Back
70 x 70Not SuitableNot Suitable11” Drop all round17” Drop all round23” Drop Front & Back, 17” drop ends
54 x 70Not SuitableNot Suitable3” Drop Front & Back. 11” Drop to ends9” Drop Front & Back15” drop Front & Back.22” Drop ends
54 x 54Slip Cloth in middle of tableSlip Cloth in middle of tableSlip Cloth – 3” Drop all round9” Drop all round9” Drop Ends. 15″ Drop Front & Back
35 x 35Slip ClothSlip ClothSlip Cloth, base cloth visibleSlip Cloth, base cloth just visibleSlip cloth in middle of table

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